Liquid Screed

Liquid floor screeds are installed on top of floor insulation and are an efficient way to obtain a smooth, level and accurate surface ready for tiling or carpeting.

A liquid floor screed is an alternative to a sand and cement floor screed. The liquid screed is a calcium sulphate based flowing material with anhydrite binders and is gypsum based mixed with sand.

We provide a comprehensive service installing insulation, membranes and also under floor heating, including the design of the heating zones or we will work with your plumbing contractor. We can install liquid screeds and floors to your specifications or screed, supply and lay service on your preparation.

Liquid Screeds are simple to install and we can easily complete a large house in a day, laying hundreds of square meters per day if required. We personally prefer this product to traditional methods because it is quicker to install, which allows us to concentrate on quality and not quantity. From a tradesman’s point of view, you do not have to spend hours and days on your knees levelling out sand and cement!

The installation involves no wheel barrowing, so minimises the risk of damage to delicate under floor heating pipes. As the material is an extremely good conductor, due to its denseness and capability of ensuring no voids within your floors, it is efficient in retaining and transferring heat from under floor heating, therefore reducing overall heating costs.

Once laid, liquid screed can be walked on within 24-48 hours. A conventional sand cement screed will require up to 7 days. This enables trades to be more productive, thus saving time and money on any build or renovation project.

The material will not shrink or crack and can be forced dried using the under-floor heating this will again enable finished surfaces to be laid quicker.

The material is supplied to the installer in concrete sized wagons and the installer will pump it to the required location through pipes into the floor area. The process minimises disruption with its simplicity.

For more detailed information please see our Flow Screed Solutions website.